Yes, I'm a teddy bear artist

Aerlinn Bears

Yes, I'm a teddy bear artist

Esther Pepper

Owner, Maker, Designer

I have been making teddy bears since 1994 needing a creative outlet while staying home to raise our two boys, both in cloth nappies! I haven't looked back taking to this charming therapeutic hobby with a gusto.

Before this I relied on Fairs and mail order through teddy bear magazines. Hard to summon into mind those days before the internet. Surely that was a close friend not me.

I still love what I do, the completion of each character fills me with gratification and a feeling of contentment. If that feeling of less than pleasing creeps up I give extreme to simple make overs of a wardrobe change. 

“With all the materials in fabulous colors & styles, eye sizes and styles, nose variations, facial shading and sculpting, different looks from different joint placements, stuffing for firm or slouched look, to how you style the finished bear; let alone your own pattern that often changes a little from one bear to the next until you are completely happy— you’re assured to come out with a unique character. The possibilities are endless.”

Working from my home in temperate Tasmania, Hobart all bears are designed and created by myself with my trusty laptop and my British Shorthair cat 'Blue' for company. I will keep making bears as long as my health remains even if they are only for myself.